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Jesus Knew (Yada) Each of Us Before We Were Born

Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.

This scripture verse is full of so much meaning, purpose and mystery. The creation of a human person is not just about two people “enjoying each other” and then a pregnancy happens. It is truly more about a magnificent God..Jesus..who actually took the spirit of that child from within His own heart and created it and its identity into a human form or shape.. and THEN placed that spirit into the beginning of a human body being formed in the womb at the very moment of conception. Just like Jesus as a human form or shape..was placed into the womb of Mary.

There is so much more in the use of this word yada in the Bible but in this context of KNOWING..





The scripture Jeremiah 1:5 is God’s own word to this effect. The word KNEW translates from the Hebrew word YADA. The word yada denotes a kind of intimacy..or “to know” in every instance in which it was used in the Bible. Whether it was used in the context of the sharing of love between Adam and Eve (Genesis 4:1) or in mercy for animals (Proverbs 12:10) or in acting justly (Jeremiah 22: 15-16), these examples ALL had to do with an intimate or personal knowing of a person or situation which ultimately referred back to a deeper KNOWING of the Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus as the Bridegroom refuses entrance through the DOOR of the Rapture because He never KNEW them..this is exactly what was being spoken of to them. They never took the time to develop an intimacy orYADA with him to learn and properly prepare themselves to be His Bride.

When I came upon this scripture, I was in my secret place very early in the morning. It stopped me and I began to ask the Lord about it. I knew enough about the Lord to realize that God created man with a free will..always we have a freewill choice over over what God asks of us in our lives. As I pondered free will and the words that Jesus KNEW me BEFORE I was formed in the womb. I instantly knew..rhema.. that God had told me everything my life would be about and that I had been given a choice to go or not go. Obviously I said YES ! It gave me a great deal of comfort over many things that had taken place in my life that one could wonder why God would send us into the world knowing our days as He does. I could feel such a great sense of His love over my life. That He really did know me more than I thought and so much more personal closeness occurred in my heart and soul and spirit. Jesus suffered and died so that I COULD get through it all and come back to Him. The world can be a cruel place but I also knew from testimonies of others who had been to Heaven that there are souls there who greatly desire to be among the redeemed of God. All of Heaven bows and honors those who have returned Home to take their places in God’s Kingdom.

So much more to be said about this but the point for this article is that we had our form and identity and a close relationship with Jesus BEFORE we were placed into our mother’s womb. How incredibly painful it must be for Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit to see the decimation of that precious soul before that person can have the chance to live out all the intentions that God had planned for them. God’s love began before we came to Earth. He enjoyed us and told us many things before we came to Earth. What love !

May God have mercy on every soul that takes the life of another soul and bring them into His forgiveness for their own eternal life and to experience God’s love for themselves.




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November 25, 2018

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  1. Teresa Tucker

    Amen and Amen one step closer to returning to our true home with Jesus.


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